As goods flow between trading partners and logistics providers around the world, M2M is helping to provide the global product and asset visibility that transport operators and fleet managers need to become more efficient, sustainable, compliant and competitive.

With more than 15 million containers traveling through international waters or waiting to clear customs, the risk of delays, diversion, theft, damage and piracy are great – and the need for visibility even greater.

Smart M2M Asset Tracking solutions provide a seamless overview of the physical location and status of any vehicle and any asset throughout the supply chain. In fact, M2M Asset Tracking solutions provide details about the location and condition of containers, pallet or the actual goods in transit and can send out automatic alerts whenever an issue arises, such as unauthorized access to the goods or unwanted temperature fluctuations. This makes the supply chain more efficient and ensures a competitive edge.


M2M Fleet Management solutions are also helping to uncover more cost-effective ways to green fleets, reduce fuel costs, increase driver and fleet department productivity, reduce preventable accidents and help reduce insurance premiums. M2M Fleet Management Solutions deliver swifter response times via more efficient job allocation, shorter journeys and lower fuel costs, and higher revenues as drivers are able to complete more jobs.


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