Chronic diseases and their associated costs are on the rise, leaving governments and the healthcare industry to innovate new treatment and outreach protocols. Remote patient monitoring devices can help doctors keep track of vital signs for patients with cardiac illness, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. In fact, studies have consistently found that chronically ill patients in half of all hospital beds could be treated and monitored just as well if they were at home. M2M remote patient monitoring, medical equipment monitoring and tracking services all play integral roles in this new era of patient care.

M2M can help cut costs, save lives and improve the overall quality of life for the chronically ill.


Additional Remote Patient Monitoring Benefits Include:

  • More cost-effective healthcare management
  • Reduced costs for hospitals, patients and insurers
  • Safe lowering of patients’ hospital stays and visits
  • Easier drug, substance and waste management tracking
  • Early medical intervention at the first sign of distress
  • Dramatic improvements in patients’ quality of life
  • Restored patient mobility and independence
  • Strengthened doctor and patient relationships
  • Around-the-clock monitoring of patients’ health, safety and security

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