Traditional fixed line connections to security cameras and alarms are time-consuming to install, expensive to procure and update, and cost even more manpower to manage. Add to that the risk of leaving older security systems vulnerable to the savvy criminals that know how to crack them, and it’s no wonder that the security industry is turning to M2M security and surveillance products.

Easier to install and less expensive to maintain, M2M enabled devices, cameras and alarms use wireless technology to maintain around-the-clock connections to emergency services or private monitoring stations. They’re also more adaptable to a full array of applications without the need for prohibitive workforce or investment costs. The lack of wires allows M2M security systems to be deployed much more conveniently. And, since there are no wires to cut, the connection is more difficult for thieves to break; any disconnection will send an alarm instantly.



With M2M surveillance and security, you can track your most valuable assets in real time and trigger an alarm the minute it is moved or takes an incorrect route.


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